Natural Beauty Swiss skin care
from Zurich

Because you matter

EJO Cosmetics What our skincare brand stands for

Empowering For many women all around the world, beauty means empowerment, confidence and freedom to express themselves personally. We want to encourage you to invest time in wellbeing. Enjoy a daily wellness ritual that makes you feel amazing and brings out the best version of yourself. Because skin care is self-care.

Joyful Can less stuff bring more joy? At EJO Skin, we believe in the sophistication of simplicity. Find joy in a fuss-free beauty routine that is mindful to you and the environment. Our skincare products are free from harmful ingredients and animal testing and produce less waste due to recyclable packaging.

Organic Our star ingredients are derived from natural and selected organic sources to give you a healthy, radiant complexion. We are convinced that nature offers the best solutions for your skin concerns and merge active biotechnology ingredients with nature’s finest vitamins and oils. Unleash your inner radiance with EJO Skin.

Natural skin care for all skin types

“Skin care can be mildly formulated and effective: That’s the idea behind our luxurious Swiss skin care made in Zurich. We offer natural skin-care that is carefully tailored to enhance the natural beauty of all skin types and delivers visible results. Without the hype and exaggerated advertising promises.

Helping you feel good, confident and beautiful – no matter your age. That’s what we will support you with. We combine the pure power of nature with Swiss cutting-edge technology for maximum results. 4 highly effective products – that’s all it takes for a gentle skin care ritual that will make your complexion glow.

At EJO, we have your interests at heart. As a sustainable and conscious skincare brand, preserving your skin and our planet is at the core of everything we do. Let us take you on a natural beauty journey with our simple but effective beauty routine.”

Manuela CEO & Creative Director

Natural skin care: Beauty lies in simplicity

With EJO’s natural skin care, we want to celebrate your individual natural beauty. To achieve your best skin, no need to use lots of trendy products. You simply need the right ones.

Our Swiss skin care line from Zurich consists of 4 vegan skin care treasures that will cater to the condition of your skin by combining the best natural ingredients and modern biotechnology. A day and a night cream, a serum and a booster to keep your skin healthy and radiant.

Crafted by skin care experts, our products contain a powerful blend of active ingredients in just the right concentrations. Thanks to the nurturing mix of natural and skin-regenerating ingredients, your skin will glow with optimum health. We consciously avoid everything that is unnecessary for a youthful, fresh complexion: parabens, mineral oils and kerosene.

Scientifically perfected formulas to enhance your natural beauty

Active ingredient care is only as good as its packaging. If the valuable ingredients are not optimally protected from the effects of light and air, they quickly lose their effectiveness. Thanks to our airless technology with a high-quality glass dispenser, our natural skin care remains maximally effective.

It is important for us to provide you with honest and transparent information. That’s why we base our promises on solid research results.

EJO stands for a Swiss-made skin care line with scientifically perfected formulas you can always rely on. Refined pores, velvety soft skin and a youthful glow: Enjoy the good feeling of being completely comfortable in your skin.

Because you matter.

For beautiful skin and a healthy planet

We firmly believe that responsible beauty thrives on sustainability. That’s why we want to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. We produce our natural skin care locally in Switzerland, thus saving long transport routes and protecting the climate.

We also believe that true natural skin care treasures can be found everywhere – even right on our doorstep. With the stem cells of the Uttwiler Spätlauber, a rare Thurgau apple variety, our Swiss skin care from Zurich contains regional ingredients.