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Plant stem cells in cosmetics: The future of anti-aging

Skin-care products with plant stem cells are conquering the cosmetics industry. These little multi-talents are derived from plant extracts, conserve natural resources and have the potential to revolutionize anti-aging. Applied to the skin, they stimulate collagen formation, plump up small wrinkles and refresh the complexion. How do plant stem cells work and why are they a must-have for your daily skincare routine?

What are stem cells?

Of the approximately 30 trillion cells in our body, stem cells account for only 0.2 percent. As the basic building blocks of life, they are responsible for development and regeneration in all living things. They function like small engines of the organism: a single one of them is capable of generating millions of new cells.

Stem cells are cells that have two special abilities. They can divide and make exact copies of themselves. And they can specialize into a particular type of cell to form or repair tissue.

Contrary to earlier assumptions, the number of stem cells in the skin does not decrease as we age. However, between the ages of 20 and 40, our stem cells lose half of their energy potential. They therefore increasingly lose their ability to regenerate themselves and produce new cells. As a result, the skin loses its radiance and elasticity.

To counteract this process, plant stem cells are used in cosmetics. They have the outstanding ability to remain flexible and to shape of plants. Plants can grow continuously and possess outstanding self-healing powers. This opens up promising prospects for the beauty industry.

What can plant stem cells do for my skin?

Constantly exposed to environmental stressors and UV radiation, our skin needs to regenerate continuously. As we age, the skin’s own regeneration process slows down. The first signs of aging – wrinkles – start to become apparent on the surface of the skin so do pigment disorders.

Plant stem cells are used in cosmetics as energy suppliers and awaken sleepy cells. They have a positive effect on skin renewal, cell protection and self-healing by strengthening skin tissue, maintaining the skin’s resistance and preventing premature aging. They support our skin’s own regenerative capacity the best possible way.

Do they really work? Scientific studies have shown that plant and fruit stem cells have the ability to stimulate the skin’s own collagen production and protect human stem cells from UV damage and environmental stressors that cause aging.

How are plant stem cells obtained?

The best method to cultivate plant stem cells is through biotechnology. Phyto-stem cells are usually obtained from the shoots and root tips of a plant, where most stem cells are located.

The valuable stem cells are extracted from the plant and cultivated in laboratories to obtain ingredients in a pure and high concentration.

The advantages of biotechnological plant stem cells in cosmetics at one glance:

  • The quality of active ingredients remains high and does not vary from plant to plant.
  • Secondary ingredients can be obtained from the plant extracts, which are originally present only in low concentrations.
  • Laboratory-derived plant stem cells are free of genetic manipulation.
  • Harmful environmental influences due to pesticides or air pollution are excluded.
  • Pure concentration of active ingredients increases skin tolerance. This keeps the risk of allergic reactions low.

Skin-care products with plant stem cells are conquering
the cosmetics industry

Where are plant stem cells used in beauty products?

Stem cell cosmetics are suitable for all skin-care products, from cleansing gels, face creams and serums to ampoule cures. EJO Skin relies on highly concentrated plant stem cells. That is the reason why we use airtight packaging: Stem cells remain maximally effective, while creams in jars quickly lose their effectiveness through exposure to air and light.

Aesthetic dermatology also uses comparable stem cell technologies for skin rejuvenation. Plant stem cells are popular for minor beauty procedures such as microneedling. In this procedure, the skin is lightly scratched with a needle roller in order to let the stem cell extract penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.

How sustainable are plant stem cells?

Using the power of nature to achieve firmer, radiant skin: The concept itself is not new and has a long tradition. However, plants with highly concentrated active ingredients are very rare, difficult to grow in large quantities and protected by nature conversation laws.

Plant stem cells in skin care cosmetics are an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional natural cosmetics. This method of raw material extraction is characterized by high sustainability and a responsible approach to nature.

1. Sustainable
To obtain stem cells, the entire plant is not necessary. Cultivation using state-of-the-art biotechnology keeps water and energy requirements low. This conserves precious resources.

2. Effective
Coordinated culture media make it possible to develop the stem cells in the laboratory in a targeted manner – for high efficacy and maximum skin care results.

Which plant stem cell cosmetics are the best?

Each plant has different properties and active ingredients. Depending on the results you would like to achieve, some plant stem cells are more promising than others.

Stem cells of flowers such as edelweiss, peony, white lily or lotus are accountable for the elasticity and resistance of the petals surface. In skin care, they promote balanced moisture levels, making the skin feel soft and supple.

Stem cells of many fruits counteract the breakdown of structure-giving fibers. This explains why some apple varieties remain smooth and crisp for a long time, while the skin of other fruits wrinkles more quickly. In cosmetics, plant stem cells from fruits act like a fountain of youth for the skin. The complexion appears smooth and plump.

Anti-Aging miracle apple stem cells: The Uttwiler Spätlauber

When it comes to anti-aging, not all apples are made equally. Only certain varieties have everything that is needed for an even, firm complexion. EJO Skin relies on an anti-aging all-rounder: the Swiss apple stem cells from the Uttwiler Spätlauber.

This rare variety of Swiss winter apple impresses with its long shelf life without shriveling. Even after months, the skin remains juicy, plump and shiny. It is precisely this longevity that makes plant stem cells of that Swiss apple so sought-after. Firm apple cheeks and a fresh complexion: Who wouldn’t want that? Even Michelle Obama swears by the beauty apple from Thurgau in her skin-care regimen.

In a cream or serum, Swiss apple stem cells impress with their extraordinary revitalizing effect. The innovative active ingredient from the Uttwiler Spätlauber apple protects the skin stem cells, strengthens the skin’s resistance to environmental influences and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. For a smooth, radiant and firm complexion – thanks to plant stem cells.

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