EJO Skin Anti-Aging Serum

Firming Anti-Aging Serum for a radiant complexion all skin types / vegan

Softens fine lines and wrinkles
Provides a youthful glow
Feather-light, quickly absorbing texture

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The Anti-Aging Serum combines beneficial care with radiance. As a firming serum, it gives the face a rosy freshness and youthfulness. The light, airy texture is quickly absorbed into the skin and leaves the skin feeling velvety soft as soon as it is applied.

The serum harnesses the resistance of Swiss apple stem cells and strengthens the skin’s own protective barrier against environmental influences. Hyaluronic acid smoothes, stimulates cell renewal and provides the skin with intensive moisture. Organic Himalayan sesame oil provides a smooth finish, nourishing and regenerating the skin with a delicate film.

The skin tone appears refreshed and even. For a natural, healthy glow and a vital complexion.

The product contains

The product size is 10ml each.

What does it do?

Key ingredients


How to use




Why do I need a firming serum fort the face?
EJO Skin Anti-Aging Serum not only nourishes your skin supple, but contains firming plant stem cells that provide a plump skin appearance. Feel visually rejuvenated and at the same time prevent new skin damage thanks to the antioxidants contained.

Who ist the serum suitable for?
The Anti-Aging Serum is designed for daily use. It is suitable for those who want to refresh their sallow complexion and effectively prevent signs of aging. The gentle formula is carefully tailored to all skin needs.

When can I use the product?
You can apply the product both in the morning before day care and in the evening before night care. Due to its airy, delicate texture, the serum is absorbed particularly quickly into the skin.

Complete your skincare routine



58.00 CHF 30ml

With SPF 15
Protects against environmental stressors
Hydrating formula leaves a dewy finish



68.00 CHF 30ml

Regenerates and refreshes dull skin
Skin-soothing antioxidants
Creamy lotion evens skin tone


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88.00 CHF 30ml

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Ejo Skin

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