Privacy policy

Terms of use for EJO websites and privacy regulation

The use and access to EJO web pages ( and their contents are subject to the following terms of use.
The terms of use include the privacy regulation in Article 3 that applies to the data collected by EJO in connection with the use of EJO web pages.

1 – EJO web pages

1 EJO web pages ( contain information about EJO, EJO products and the EJO business opportunity.
EJO shall assume no liability for the use of EJO web pages from within other countries.

2 – Scope of these terms and conditions and privacy regulation

2 By using the EJO website you explicitly agree to the current terms and conditions and especially to the collection,
processing, forwarding and use of your data in accordance with Article 3 hereafter.

3 EJO is dependent on the use of your data for efficacy and quality reasons. You can, however, submit a written request
to EJO to waive the use of your data at any time. In this case, EJO is entitled to terminate the business relationship
with you and to disable your access to the EJO website(s).

3 Privacy regulation

3.1 Collected data

(ii) Information regarding the duration and content of the communication between you and EJO;

(iii) Information regarding product preferences, purchasing habits and usage patterns on our web pages:

(iv) Information on activity with us;

(v) Information on transactions which you conduct through our web pages and which are necessary for your order to be

(vi) Data about your computer and visit to our web pages, especially the IP address, operating system, browser, location
data, communication data, weblogs, traffic data and your navigation behaviour etc.;

(vii) Data which are needed for transmission security, troubleshooting, and for improvements;

5 EJO does not collect data from minors. If EJO becomes aware that data from minors have unintentionally been collected,
these data will be deleted from the EJO database.

6 You are obliged to notify EJO about any change in your data that has previously been provided to EJO.

3.2 Data collection and processing

7 EJO can collect, store and process your data through automated procedures.

8 EJO can use cookies or similar technical procedures, which collect certain information about your use of our web

9 Cookies are data which are stored on a user’s computer as soon as he/she visits a website. Cookies may contain
information on whether and how many times a user has visited a website and how he/she navigates on the website.

10 Cookies are information that is not stored on the pages of the server but is stored by the browser – i.e. at the
user’s end. This way, certain information about the retrieval of single pages can be made available to the application
without need for data storage at EJO or the customization of individual page addresses.

EJO uses cookies for authentication, for the enhancement of user comfort and for anonymous statistical evaluation to
provide a basis for optimisation.

During use of the website, the following information, inter alia, can be stored as a cookie: login information (username
and changing passwords). Information on effected entries, in case these might be helpful for pages accessed afterwards
(e.g. the status of interface elements or notes), information on user recognition and user sessions for statistical
purposes. Users are not recognized personally but through an anonymous number. Possibly also, for statistical reasons,
the origin of the visit, i.e. the host name of the website (where required, including the search term which was used)
through which EJO was accessed.

11 Cookies can be disabled in your browser settings. However, there is a possibility that certain features of the web
pages will no longer work properly if cookies are disabled. For more information on how to manage or delete cookies,
please refer to http.//

3.3 Purpose of use

12 EJO uses your data in order to optimize the offer made to you and for the efficient processing of your orders and
deliveries. In particular, the data is collected for the processing of applications, orders, payments, fulfilment of EJO
contracts, improvement of EJO websites and avoidance of server problems, statistical collection and assessment of
customer and improvement of the quality and market position of EJO products.

3.4 Data transfer

13 EJO does not trade in your data.

14 EJO is allowed to forward your data to third parties, especially to EJO affiliates in Switzerland or abroad, where
this serves to fulfil the purpose set out in point 12 above. It is possible that no equivalent data protection is
provided in countries outside Switzerland. EJO obliges the third party to which the data is transferred to treat it as
confidential and in accordance with the privacy regulation and the applicable law and to use it solely for a purpose in
accordance with point 12 above.

16 EJO assumes no liability for the recipient of the data as per point 14f complying with the current privacy regulation
and the applicable laws on data protection.

3.5 Data security

17 EJO has appropriate technical and organizational tools that are used to protect your data against destruction, loss,
access, use and disclosure to third parties.

18 In the event that your data is misused by third parties, the liability of EJO and companies associated with EJO shall
be excluded, to the extent permitted by law.

19 You are responsible for keeping your password and username secret and you are obliged to prevent third parties from
gaining access to your account. You are responsible for each use of the EJO web pages and all activities that take place
within your account.

4 Copyright and use of contents on EJO websites

20 EJO websites and their contents are protected by intellectual property rights and owned by EJO or are being used by
EJO under a license or with the permission of the owner of those rights. In particular, EJO owns the trademark “EJO
LIFESTYLE”. The protected intellectual property consists of texts, images, graphics, photos, illustrations, design,
layout, appearance, marks, logos and all other materials available on the EJO website (the “Website Content”).

21 Website content may only be copied, distributed, utilized or otherwise publicly presented with the prior written
consent of EJO. It is not permitted to transfer these rights to third parties. Website contents may not be altered.

5 Links from/to other websites

22 EJO may create links to third party websites. EJO assumes no liability for the contents provided by third parties on
these external websites. EJO advises that you read the terms of use and privacy regulations of the external websites
prior to their use.

23 Without prior written consent from EJO no links to an external website may be incorporated on an EJO website or vice

6 Liability

24 EJO and affiliate EJO companies shall not be liable, to the extent permitted by law, for direct, indirect, subsequent
or other damage of any kind (in particular property damage, damage to equipment or software, financial loss, utility
loss, company’s failure to operate, loss of data, loss of profit, etc.) which arise in connection with your use or your
access to the EJO web site(s) and their contents, or from the inability to access EJO website(s) and their contents.

25 EJO and affiliate EJO companies cannot guarantee that EJO web pages will operate continuously and faultlessly or that
they will not contain viruses or other components which may cause damage to devices or software. EJO and affiliate EJO
companies do not guarantee that EJO websites are compatible with the devices and software you use.

26 As a user of the EJO web pages, you undertake to reimburse EJO and affiliate EJO companies for all damages arising
from or in connection with your violation of these terms of use.

7 Restriction or blocked access to EJO websites

27 If these terms and conditions are violated, access to the EJO websites can be restricted or blocked.

28 EJO can lock, terminate or change the content of EJO web pages at any time, at its own discretion.

8 Amendment to the terms of use

29 EJO reserves the right to amend these terms of use at any time. The amendments shall enter into force when published
on the EJO website ( We suggest that you regularly check the EJO website for amendments of these
terms of use and, in particular, of the privacy regulation under Article 3.

9 Severability clause

30 If any provision in these terms of use is or should become invalid, void or in any other way ineffective, the
remaining provisions shall not be affected by this. If a provision becomes ineffective it shall be replaced with an
effective provision which comes as close as possible to the ineffective provision in purpose and spirit. The same shall
apply in the case of legal gaps.

10 Applicable law and jurisdiction

31 These terms of use shall be governed in all respects by Swiss substantive law, excluding its conflict-of-law
provisions and international agreements including the Convention of the United Nations on Contracts for the
International Sale of Goods dated April 11, 1980 (“Vienna Convention”, “CISG”).

32 To the extent permitted by law, the ordinary courts at the headquarters of EJO COSMETICS SWITZERLAND AG shall have exclusive
jurisdiction for disputes arising out of or relating to these terms of use.

Status of the terms of use: November 2017